Bring Clarity Purpose and meaning into your life and soar

I practice shamanic energy medicine along with guiding you and supporting you while you engage in cutting-edge nutrition, biology and neuroscience. I will encourage you to read Grow a New Body by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and follow the 30 day plant-based diet and the 7 day detox programs found in the book.

If your life seems too hectic to buy groceries and supplements and the idea of cooking seems overwhelming, I can also offer you the 5-day Prolon fast mimicking diet. Everything you need to eat is provided in a box containing supplements and flash freeze dried vegetarian options. You can learn more about Prolon and how a fast mimicking diet can turn on your stem cells and promote health and wellness by visiting Dr. Amy Freeth at Dr. Amy is a wise woman and experienced endocrinologist.

Please note that my sessions are limited to the practice of shamanic energy medicine and not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Before beginning any fast or detox it is suggested to consult with your physician.

I am happy to work with and support your medical team. More physicians are recognizing that an integrative approach that addresses the body, mind and soul works together for the highest wellbeing of the patient.

“Health rests on three pillars: the body, the psyche and the spiritual connection. To ignore any of them is to invite imbalance and dis-ease.” -Dr. Gabor Maté. M.D.