Transforming Grief

“Transforming Grief” is a 6 week course with me, beginning September 23, 2021. The class is for anyone grieving death or loss of any kind.

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Healing Practices

Energy Medicine works directly with the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), an invisible matrix that surrounds and informs our physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual world. It contains a template of our health, and encodes how we live, how we age, how we heal and how we might die. Unlike a physical blueprint, which is separate and remains unchanging, our luminous template is continuously informed by both positive and negative incidents we experience during our lives.

In the Illumination Process we work together to identify and release negative imprints in the LEF to change and repair the blueprint.

In the Extraction Process we remove intrusive energies that are not an authentic part of your soul’s expression in a way that completely and compassionately honors and transforms them, as well as the issues surrounding why they were with you in the first place.

In the Soul Retrieval Process I journey on your behalf to recover a part of your whole self that separated from you during a time of trauma and now resides safely in a state of grace, awaiting the opportunity to be lovingly reunited with you. This exquisitely beautiful process, and all its accompanying gifts and wisdom offerings, brings a profound sense of wholeness and well-being to your life.

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In the Death and Dying Process I work with those on their end of life journey to die consciously and with the Survivors to find their way out of grief and despair.

I can work with you in-person or remotely by Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime using ancient and contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, re-balancing/resetting your energy.

While a single session can create powerful shifts in one’s life, I recommend 3-4 sessions so that we can dive deeply and achieve significant and lasting results. Together we will find and release the energetic component of issues that are troubling you now or that represent repeating themes in your life. Just as a stream can become blocked over time with rocks and debris, we go together to the source of the issue to release blockages and allow your energy to flow freely.

I am happy to work with you and your medical doctor to form an integrative team supporting your healing journey on many levels. It is important that your doctor works directly on treating the physical aspects of illness in a timely fashion, and reduces any painful symptoms you may have. In concert with medical treatment, I invite you to journey to deeper levels of healing to fully restore all aspects of your life to balance. This not only promotes more rapid healing and recovery, it also practically guarantees your freedom from experiencing a recurrence of the illness. Meanwhile, the “side effects” of Energy Medicine are those of a fully revitalized and joyful life!

Click here or contact me for individual services on a sliding scale of $75/$150/$225/$300.

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Rites and Ceremonies

I recently received the Rite of the Crone and it affected me profoundly. I was able to step into my role as an Elder and a Grandmother in a powerful way. I also gave a Rite of transition to a young woman to help her step into her adulthood. I gave my daughter the Rite of the Mother when she had her new baby and I also performed her wedding ceremony and blessed it with a despacho of prayers blown into rose petals and poured into the ocean to carry the prayers to the heavens.

As a former judge, I am able to perform weddings and as a shaman I can bring profound blessings to the beautiful couple.

As we step along our pathways from youth to parenthood to becoming an elder it is important to honor the steps along the way to new beginnings. It is also important to honor endings of marriages, jobs, and transitions like moving from and old home and honoring the spirits of the lands.

For most of us, we haven’t taken the time to honor transitions and endings in a meaningful and purposeful way. I can help you with these steps.

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Space Clearing and Blessing

Perhaps you have moved into a new home or a new work space and the energy feels stale or sad. Perhaps you have had a major life shift in your space, such as death or divorce. Perhaps you are rekindling your life as empty nesters. You realize your space feels heavy and weighed down with old stagnant memories and energy. Bring the gift of refreshing and releasing the old to allow new and vibrant energy to bring vibrancy and clarity.

Perhaps your land or your garden has stopped being as productive as it once was. Perhaps your farm or water no longer feels vibrant and alive. Bring the gift of life and vibrancy back.

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Other Services

Another powerful Rite is the Rite of the Womb. I have performed this Rite many times and for many women who can then pass the Rite along to other women. This Rite is powerful in its simplicity and is always performed free of charge.

Do you or your community need a healing or a blessing? A despacho holding our sacred prayers is a powerful way to heal yourself, your family or your community.

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