Deepening Your Medicine

You have completed the Medicine Wheel – Now What?

So often I hear from students, new, and not so new practitioners that they feel they “missed” some of the practices in one direction or another and would like to have one-on-one guidance and a general refresher of how to use and combine practices. Sometimes they wish they could figure out what is holding them back from feeling confident and reaching their full potential. Sometimes they just wish they could reach out for help with a difficult case.

Would you like to connect more deeply to the Rites and Initiations you were given? Do you feel the need for a fuller understanding of one or more of the Rites? Would you like to learn to give Rites and create Initiations for birth, divorce, marriage, and life transitions for the young and old? Is there a journey to the Upper World or Lower World or Past Lives or to receive your suit of armor that you would like to revisit? Would you like to learn more about making and using despachos and Huacas?

Would you like to begin a fast or a detox? Would you like to learn more about the Prolon fast mimicing diet? For more information see my Health and Wellness Section.

I am a senior teacher with The Four Winds society, trained by Alberto Villoldo. Sometimes a one-on-one learning situation is desired. I understand this and I am happy to provide the safety and security of the one-on-one learning environment, tailored to your needs.

Consult - Karen

I offer consulting services by phone or by skype on an hourly basis. If you only need to use a half hour or 15 minutes at a time that is fine! I work with you to enhance your skills in the belief that each client has come to you for a reason and that you are the PERFECT shaman for them.

Contact me for review services – $75 for 45 minutes.