AYA (death) DESPACHO (a prayer bundle)

  • Brings closure energetically
  • Done after passing

A collection of prayers and reminiscences, foods, and sacred objects. A creation of the rainbow bridge to represent the transition to the other side. The intent of this despacho is to release any soul fragments that may be still stuck, to call forth any unfinished business, and place it all in the despacho.


A great celebration that honors your loved one, their favorite foods, favorite jokes and stories. A 7-layered bundle that represents a deep celebration of life.

  1. Black – representing the unmanifest power of prayer that we are tapping into and bringing forth.
  2. Red – representing the earth that gives us all we need to survive. Air/ food/ water.
  3. Green – representing the reality we live in
  4. Blue – representing the clouds and skies and angels
  5. Purple – representing the rainbow bridge we all must cross
  6. Gold – representing vision and destiny
  7. White – representing spirit/god/universe

The despacho you choose is then burned in a sacred fire to release your loved one’s spirit, so that it can follow the smoke home to heaven, paradise, nirvana, the universe, a higher level of reincarnation, according to your beliefs.

Despachos : $150.00 (Can be done by me on your behalf or in collaboration over Zoom.)

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Karen - Honoring the Dead


Sometimes we wonder if our loved ones are stuck between worlds. Some left the world unexpectedly, filled with unresolved shame, blame, guilt or anger. Some committed suicide or experienced a violent death. This process allows them to have a voice and transition fully.

Would you like certainty? Would you like to help them fully transition?

In this process, I can track to find your loved one and if they need assistance guide them through a path of emotional release to achieve the lightness they need to fully transition.

Transition of Soul Process: $200. 00 (Can be done by me on your behalf or in collaboration over Zoom.)

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End of Life Journey/Survivor Recovery

In the Death and Dying Process I work with those on their end of life journey to die consciously and with the Survivors to find their way out of grief and despair.

I can work with you in-person or remotely by Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime using ancient and contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, re-balancing/resetting your energy.

While a single session can create powerful shifts in one’s life, I recommend 3-4 sessions so that we can dive deeply and achieve significant and lasting results. Together we will find and release the energetic component of issues that are troubling you now or that represent repeating themes in your life. Just as a stream can become blocked over time with rocks and debris, we go together to the source of the issue to release blockages and allow your energy to flow freely.

I am happy to work with you and your medical doctor to form an integrative team supporting your healing journey on many levels. It is important that your doctor works directly on treating the physical aspects of illness in a timely fashion, and reduces any painful symptoms you may have. In concert with medical treatment, I invite you to journey to deeper levels of healing to fully restore all aspects of your life to balance. This not only promotes more rapid healing and recovery, it also practically guarantees your freedom from experiencing a recurrence of the illness. Meanwhile, the “side effects” of Energy Medicine are those of a fully revitalized and joyful life!

Click here or contact me for individual services on a sliding scale of $150/$225/$300.

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