Mar 17 th

Read An Ancient Practice of Healing from Grief in Wander

Delighted to have my article on An Ancient Practice For Healing From Grief in this...

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Aug 15 th

Is there life after death? A Mother’s Story of Grief   With Myrna Young, CPC Host of "Transform Your Mind" Radio Podcast TV #TransformYourMind...

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Jul 18 th

Elevating Your Life Interview

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Jul 7 th

Living Grieving with Karen Johnson JD and host Richard Dugan

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May 14 th

What do you Say To Family and Friends When Someone Dies?

It’s not about what to say – it’s about how to be. How to Hold...

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Apr 27 th

Reflections on Healing the Mother/Father wound even after Death

I am an only child of an only child and my immediate family was very...

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Apr 15 th

Who is in Control?

As a shaman it is so important to connect with Pachamama deeply every day.  When...

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Apr 7 th

What do you do when there’s no time to say Goodbye?

  There’s a good chance we all know someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19, went...

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