Oct 14 th

A Small Medium at Large

Podcast with Gail Higgins talking with Karen and her journey.

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Aug 15 th

Is there life after death? A Mother’s Story of Grief

https://youtu.be/BGOuqyOTozI   With Myrna Young, CPC Host of "Transform Your Mind" Radio Podcast TV #TransformYourMind...

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Jul 15 th

Bronze COVR Book Award!

Excited to share that my book Living Grieving was selected as the Bronze winner at...

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Jul 7 th

Living Grieving with Karen Johnson JD and host Richard Dugan


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Jun 20 th

Catch Me On the The Life Changes Show!

Join me tonight at 7PM PST/10PM EST for a LIVE interview with host Filippo Voltaggio...

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May 27 th

Upcoming Interview with Buddha at the Gas Pump

Join me for an interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump with host Rick Archer...

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May 16 th

Transforming Grief

Interview with Soulivity with Brian Westley Johnson talking about Karen's journey through grief and the...

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