Medicine Wheel Wisdom

May 15 th

Karen shares a lesson for each direction of the wheel, to help you journey towards a new life filled with hope

South (Serpent) – becoming unstuck
Ask yourself where you find beauty in life. If this seems hard, go back in time and remember what used to put you in touch with beauty. Make a list, then ask what is keeping you form those places. Burn your list in a candle flame or fire with the intention of releasing anything that is keeping you from experiencing beauty and opening your heart to allow beauty to grow inside you and transform your life.

West (Jaguar) – becoming lighter
Ask yourself what keeps you busy? What emotions are you avoiding by being busy? Make lists, and burn first the list of things that keep you busy, with the intention of releasing the underlying fear of facing your emotions. Then burn the list of emotions you’re avoiding, with the intention of facing them.

North (Hummingbird) – awakening
Do you have dreams that appear to be impossible? List them and sit with each one, imagining how you’d feel if your dreams came true. When you’re done, burn your list, with the intention of releasing all that is holding you back. Open your heart and invite in your new dreams with gratitude and thankfulness.

East (Condor) – creating a new life
Take some time to look for synchronicities and make a list. Maybe you see a message on a car numberplate that confirms your wisdom, or repeated numbers pop up just as you’re wondering whether you’re on the right track. Burn your list with the intention of releasing anything preventing you from seeing, believing, and being guided by synchronicities.