What is evolutionary astrology?

May 15 th

We find out more about this practice Karen experienced…

  1. Evolutionary astrology puts the emphasis on our soul and helps us discover what this life on earth carries as our lesson, and what we’ve been through before we were born.
  2. In this branch of astrology there is a big focus on Pluto (guardian of the soul) and the Lunar Nodes (which hold the key to your life lessons). Every chart will be interpreted in relation to these entities.
  3. The two major questions in evolutionary astrology are: “Why am I here? and “What are my lessons?”
  4. The evolutionary astrologer is a ‘soul worker’ who helps others understand their own unique evolutionary journey from life to life.
  5. Evolutionary astrology helps explain certain tendencies and patterns. It reveals the ‘why’ in these patterns and helps enable you to be empowered to create a reality that reflects your soul’s deepest desires.